Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gordon man arrested on multiple charges involving the mistreatment of horses

 Houston County, Al.
Houston County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Gordon man on multiple charges involving the mistreatment of horses.
Court records indicate deputies arrested Kevin Lamar Burkett, 32, of Turnpike Road, on Monday and charged him with three misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals.
“What happened was the guy couldn’t take care of them so he just cut them loose and let them roam free and wild,” said sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Carlisle, the supervisor over patrol deputies.
Records indicate deputies charged Burkett with subjecting a black and white horse to cruel mistreatment by allowing the animal to wander off his property, resulting in severe injuries that led to the horse being euthanized.
Carlisle said the horse that was euthanized suffered several cuts to one of his legs.
“It looked like he got caught in some sort of barbed wire fence,” Carlisle said.
Burkett was also charged with allowing a solid black female horse and a solid black colt to wander off his property.
Carlisle said the other two horses were not injured. He said the Houston County Sheriff’s Office was called after someone found the horses roaming free in the area of Hopkins Road and Alabama Highway 52 East near Webb on April 29th. The two horses that were not injured have been turned over to an area farmer.
Carlisle said deputies filed the warrants against Burkett shortly after the incident, but couldn’t find him until this week.
Burkett was released from the Houston County Jail after he posted $1,000 bail for each of the three charges.

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